MAP Testing

On August 17, 2016

Between August 24 – September 2, 2016 our students will be taking tests of Mathematics and Reading achievement, known as Measures of Academic Progress (MAP). Each student takes the MAP tests on a computer during regular class periods. The tests are accessed through the student iPad, so please make sure your child brings their iPad fully charged to school each day. Each of the tests lasts about one hour, and your child will take two of the tests at some time during the testing period.

MAP tests are norm-referenced tests that measure your child’s academic achievement. For students who took the test last year, this testing will provide information on your child’s academic growth during the past year. The tests are customized for each student, and test results are displayed on the computer monitor immediately after each test. You will receive a report on your child’s academic progress after the testing period.

In preparation of test day, please make sure you child has the following:
  • Proper night’s rest
  • Hearty breakfast
  • Fully charged iPad