Student Conferences & Advanc- ED Survey

On October 17, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians:

There have been some changes to the week ahead at CSMS.  Friday, October 21 will be a full day of school for all students in Lexington County School District One. CSMS will conduct parent/teacher/student conferences from 3:30 – 6:30 p.m.on Thursday, October 21 (report card day).

We are excited to welcome you to CSMS the evening of Thursday, October 20th for STUDENT-LED conferences! From 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.,  we invite you to sign up for a time with your student to lead you through their academic achievement for the past nine weeks!

These conferences will take place in the cafeteria in 15-minute increments. Team teachers, Exploratory teachers, and World Language teachers will all be in attendance to help facilitate the conference and answer your questions. Individual conferences with teachers can be arranged at a later date, as requested.

To sign up for your STUDENT-LED conference, please click on the link for your child’s teachers/academic team below. We look forward to seeing you and your student on October 20th!

6th Grade Teams:

Pack Dogs: Williams, Gunter, Horne, Hansen

Alpha Dogs: Cox, Carnell, Augustyn, Sexton

7th Grade Teams:

Siberians: Canepa, Hardeman

Wolf Pack: Wood, Hutchison, Tidwell, Enlow

Trail Blazers: Willis, Wilson, Dunn, Cagle

8th Grade Teams:

Innovators: Cannon, Ferragonio, Hatcher, Casey

Voyagers: Gibbons, Hall, McCullough, Poole

Siberians: Canepa, Hardeman

If you have not completed the Advanc-ED Parent Survey, please take few minutes to do that as well.  Your feedback is very important to our school and our school district’s continuous improvement efforts.  You can take the survey by going to this link:

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @CSMS_Huskies.  I hope you are enjoying the nice weather.  We look forward to welcoming your child bright and early tomorrow morning.  Have  a great evening!

Dr. Cockfield, CSMS Principal

Huskies pull together!